WhatsApp Cart Recovery Tips You Can Use Now!
WhatsApp Cart Recovery Tips You Can Use Now!

WhatsApp Cart Recovery Tips You Can Use Now!

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Cart abandonment is a constant issue that is plaguing e-commerce businesses, large and small. With the current industry average for cart abandonment at 69%, there is a clear need to focus on this problem. Only by doing so can retailers effectively improve their bottom lines. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the high rate of cart abandonment. These include pricing, product quality, delivery time, and lack of features.

The abandoned cart recovery problem plaguing e-commerce

While it is impossible to completely eliminate any one of these factors, having a solid understanding of what constitutes a poor shopping experience and making the necessary changes will provide improvements for business owners. The abandoned cart recovery problem is at a disadvantage due to customers being spoilt for choice in the current digital market. With a host of e-commerce platforms being used by consumers (some for both online and mobile commerce), the potential for customer dissatisfaction is immense.

How to calculate cart abandonment rate?

The most simple way to calculate cart abandonment is by dividing the total no. of completed purchases by the no. of carts created by customers. This value should be subtracted from one and the resulting value needs to be multiplied by a 100 to arrive at the cart abandonment rate.

For example, if there are 100 purchases and your customers created 150 carts, then:
total no. of completed purchases by the no. of carts created- 100/150= 0.67

value should be subtracted from one- 1-0.67=0.33

the resulting value needs to be multiplied by a 100- 0.33 * 100 = 33%

Your cart abandonment rate is 33%

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How WhatsApp can reduce abandoned cart rates?

Low customer interaction and complicated purchase/return procedures are some of the main reasons why businesses suffer from cart abandonment issues. To help combat this problem, retailers can choose WhatsApp to assist customers in real-time. WhatsApp chatbots provide retailers with easy access to the customer and respond to customers’ queries immediately. Also, WhatsApp can help e-commerce retailers learn important information about their customers, thereby helping improve their remarketing efforts. This is why retailers who use WhatsApp cart recovery have higher conversion rates and lower cart abandonments. The key to making the most out of this messaging platform is to get to know your customers inside and out. WhatsApp chatbots are the best way to do just that. Here is an example of how you can reduce abandoned cart rates on Gallabox:

Reduce Abandoned cart rates on WhatsApp

Best practices for WhatsApp cart recovery

Now that you’ve understood that WhatsApp can be a good cart recovery partner, it’s important to learn how to use it well. The following are some of the best practices that can allow you to boost the efficiency of your WhatsApp cart recovery efforts.

Keep it conversational

Since most customers value personal connections, it is important that the chatbot you design for your business has a free flowing conversational tone to allow customers to speak freely. If your customers cannot express their thoughts clearly, it becomes difficult for them to give feedback. To ensure that customers feel comfortable, make sure that the chatbot and the customer interaction is in a conversational manner.

Don’t be too pushy

While your main goal is making sure that customers go through with their purchase, it’s also important to not be overly pushy with them. People may feel as though they are being forced to make a purchase they do not intend to. Instead, give them a choice, give them the option to cancel their purchase or ask if they would like to be reminded later. In order to make the most out of your WhatsApp cart recovery, your goal should be to increase conversions for high value and low friction sales.

Suggest similar products

In line with the previous point, a good method to convert the sale, the business can suggest related products to the customer who seems to be on the fence about making a purchase. This will help them decide on what to buy more quickly. By suggesting products with similar features, you are also educating them about your brand offerings and therefore increasing brand awareness. So it is essential to create abandoned cart WhatsApp messages that can lead customers to related products.

Want to build a chatbot to suggest products to your customers? Here's how you can build custom WhatsApp chatbots with Gallabox.

Show reviews of the product to drive a sale

Through WhatsApp’s rich text and audio/video chat features, you can showcase your product reviews and encourage customers to learn more about the product they have in their cart. Reviews help your customers in showing them what other people think about the same product, as well as how it works. This will help them decide whether it is worth it to buy or not, thereby reducing cart abandonment.

Ensure your discounts are well-timed

Well-timed discounts can have a massive impact, not only from a sales perspective but also when it comes to loyalty and retention. Offering a discount shortly after the customer’s purchase can increase chances of converting them into loyal customers. Additionally, discounts lead to impulse purchases. This increases their chances of making a repeat purchase.

Send contextual personalized messages

Making personalized offers for customers who have abandoned their cart can boost your chances of increasing conversions. WhatsApp helps you collect relevant customer information that allows you to personalize your offers. This will allow you to target your offers appropriately. Personalized offers can also help you gain trust from your customers and make them feel as though they are being treated more like a friend. When customers feel this way, they are more likely to feel comfortable buying from you.

10 WhatsApp templates to recover abandoned carts!

Now that you’ve understood how to properly utilize the WhatsApp cart recovery process, let’s look at some of the message templates that you can use. The following abandoned cart WhatsApp templates can give you a general idea on how to frame your own automated template messages.

Keeping it short and sweet

Hi (Customer Name), it seems like you’ve left some products on your cart! 🛒. can_copy_tExt

Put a timer on the purchase

Hi (Customer Name), we noticed that you have a few sale products in your cart, complete the purchase before the offer period ends to grab it at this amazing price! 🔥🔥. can_copy_tExt

Try to educate

Hi (Customer Name), Would you be open to learning more about the products in your cart? 🛒. can_copy_tExt

Offer to showcase similar products

Hey (Customer Name), made a decision about the products in your cart? Would you like to check out a few similar products? 🔎. can_copy_tExt

Make the payment process easy

Hi (Customer Name), we noticed that you have not paid for your order yet. Would you like to complete the purchase now?
Simply click on the link below 👇
https://cart.link  can_copy_tExt

Offer a discount straightaway

Hey (Customer Name), you're in for a treat! 🍬 Use code CART200 to get an instant Rs. 200 OFF on your order!  https://cart.link  can_copy_tExt

Send across coupon codes

Hi (Customer Name), We know you love our products 💜 Here's one more reason to get it! Use code CART15 to get a FLAT 15% OFF on your order! can_copy_tExt

Just remind them that you're keeping an eye on their cart (in a good way)

Hi (Customer Name), Good News! We saved all of the products you've added to your cart. When you're ready to buy, simply click on the link below 👇
https://cart.link can_copy_tExt

Send them a gentle reminder

Hey (Customer Name) Reminder! Your products are waiting for you. Nothing to worry about though, we have got you covered! 🤗 Use the link below complete your purchase and avail a 20% cash back to your wallet. can_copy_tExt

Offer help to help them make a decision

Hi (Customer Name), it seems like you're hesitating between our products 🤔 Would you like some help in making a decision? Talk to our team now! can_copy_tExt
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Gallabox for E-commerce: How our WhatsApp Business solution helps you recover abandoned carts

WhatsApp provides excellent support to businesses in need when it comes to cart recovery. However, it is important to find a good WhatsApp solution provider like Gallabox to help you succeed in this area for improvement.

Gallabox provides comprehensive WhatsApp business solutions that not only assists your e-commerce businesses with their cart recovery efforts but also with promotional and support operations. Through comprehensive e-commerce chatbots your business can automatically process orders and create an end-to-end customer experience.

We at Gallabox can help you scale your business by two-fold. Ready to better serve your customers with WhatsApp APIs? Avail a 7-day Free Trial, get started with Gallabox today.

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