Gallabox's WhatsApp Shared Inbox for WhatsApp Business
Gallabox's WhatsApp Shared Inbox for WhatsApp Business

Gallabox's WhatsApp Shared Inbox for WhatsApp Business

Yogesh Narayanan

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Are you confused about how a WhatsApp Business API can benefit your business? Well, you've come to the right place. Gallabox is a collaborative conversational tool that empowers businesses' world around, to better their internal and external communication. Their user-friendly account features help businesses automate their WhatsApp Business APIs. In this article, we will be discussing how Gallabox's Shared Team Inbox - one amongst the many other top-notch features can help you multiply your business's sales and support.

Problems Faced by Businesses Today

Applications like WhatsApp were essentially built for one-to-one communication, this brought about an inconvenience in businesses who wished to serve their customer as a single unit- a team. Having to give access to multiple team members was another issue that most businesses faced and this led to miscommunications like:  

• Team members were unaware of the customer history/requirements.

• Team members lack the information of the previous handling of the customer.

• Managers were unable to account for the agent's responsibilities over customer conversations.

• Potential leads were missed due to the lack of awareness between resolved and unresolved chats.

• Switching between multiple communication channels is time-consuming and the agent response time increased.

When WhatsApp launched their WhatsApp Business APIs, business partners like Gallabox took these problems into account and created the perfect solution - a shared team inbox, with multi-agent logins.

What is a Shared Inbox?

As the name suggests, a Shared Inbox allows for a group/team to send, track, receive, assign messages on a single platform. As your company grows so can your inbox, it can accommodate as many as 50 agent logins. Today, WhatsApp has become a solution for businesses, to communicate with their customers. Keeping in the efforts a business requires to do so, a unified inbox of customer queries and feedback is what we call a shared team inbox.  Gallabox is a collaborative conversational tool that employs a shared team inbox feature as a main source of communication. This shared inbox with its many automations can provide your company with everything you will need to increase your customer support operations. So let's take a look through these features that make Gallabox the most sought after WhatsApp Business solution.

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Increase Customer Support Response Time

Let's be honest, no customer likes to wait for a support agent to respond to them, especially on WhatsApp. With the ability to see time stamps, sent and read receipts, delaying your response time is an absolute NO. Customer response time is the most crucial aspect of the customer journey, apart from your businesses offerings; being able to serve your customer in a timely manner is of utmost importance. With our shared inbox customer conversations can be enabled by push notifications to know every time a conversation is initiated. Once a query has been resolved by an agent it can be transferred to the resolved bucket. An agent can also leave additional customer information for team members to take over future conversations. Accountability of customer conversations is what every manager looks for, with our shared inbox your agents can access these conversations even on the go through our mobile applications ensuring no lead is left unattended.

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Canned Responses, WhatsApp Template Messages - Quick Replies

We are aware that agent response time is usually delayed as they have to articulate their response based on clarifications from their superiors, which in turn causes an increased delay. To reduce the time taken in responding to customers, Gallabox's Canned Responses feature enables your agents to send quick replies based on your customer queries. Canned Responses are template messages that are frequently asked or required to answer your customers. They can be customised according to your business requirements. Generic canned responses like payment reminders, order updates, welcome messages, and so on are inbuilt into your account. You can even create canned responses according to your customer channel like Web, WhatsApp, etc.

Another method of quick replies can be of using pre-approved WhatsApp template messages. WhatsApp Templates allow you to initiate conversations with customers by sending them a notification. These templates have to be approved as per WhatsApp's policy guidelines to ensure no threatening or spam-like messages

How to create a WhatsApp Canned Response on Gallabox

Assign & @Mention Team Members

Assign conversations to team members, and re-assign to the members of your team that are required to collaborate. This prevents your team from having one team member being overwhelmed by resolving a high volume of queries coming in daily, by distributing the task between team members evenly. Mention team members in our private notes feature to add comments or questions without having to switch between channels to communicate. These messages will not be viewed by the customer and are for your team only. Assigning and mentioning team members further promotes accountability of customer conversations. Our private notes feature ensures a smoother flow of communication between team members, reducing time spent on switching between channels to get approvals, information, or clarity on the matter.


Labelling Priority-Based Customers

It is one to collect customer data, but it is another to tag your customers with the appropriate labels based on priority or requirements. Ensuring a tag on a customer contact will help your agents/managers filter customers better through our inbox. Labelling of contacts can be customised according to the information you wish to collect and how you would like to segregate customers. This can be done by personalising our additional fields under contacts as per your requirement. Tagging of contacts have no limit, our inbox allows you to add multiple tags to define your customer and their requirements.

These tags can further be used to segment customers you wish to broadcast WhatsApp template messages to as well. If you'd like to know more about filtering your customers to broadcast messages, we've got you covered.

By now, you can conclude that Gallabox is an extensively customisable communication tool that enables a shared team inbox for all your business's customer support efforts. We can also surely say that every business looking to support their customer through WhatsApp must enable a shared team inbox for increased communication efforts. Reduce your efforts and leverage WhatsApp API automations, if your business would like to increase agent productivity and make complete use of WhatsApp Business APIs book a demo with Gallabox today to experience the power-packed features of our Shared Team Inbox.

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