WhatsApp’s Shared Inbox and its Uses
WhatsApp’s Shared Inbox and its Uses

WhatsApp’s Shared Inbox and its Uses

Yogesh Narayanan

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A business that does not manage their customer conversations efficiently will not be able to find success. Managing customer conversations and understanding the journeys of customers has become a challenge for businesses in this digital age. This is because businesses have access to a large customer pool and hence, need to handle a large number of customers from different platforms. Therefore businesses need to look for ways to manage customer conversations efficiently.

In this article, we will look at how business owners can manage customer conversations that come via WhatsApp, a platform that is fast becoming a critical component in the customer service sector. Since the platform comes with a host of features that are capable of boosting business efficiency and customer service, businesses from various sectors have chosen to use it as their primary customer support tool. This is especially true in the case of SMEs who are emerging in their respective sectors.

What is WhatsApp Shared Inbox?

To maximize the benefits of WhatsApp Business, most businesses choose to engage customers through multiple customer service agents. However, this causes a concern as the business owner would not be able to keep track of all customer conversations or even find prospective ‘hot’ conversations among a bunch of other conversations. This is where WhatsApp’s Shared Inbox feature comes into play. A shared inbox allows business owners to manage customer conversations across multiple numbers in a single interface. This provides various benefits to business owners and helps them enhance their customer service.

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Six ways WhatsApp Business Shared Inbox can transform your company

As mentioned earlier, there are several benefits in using WhatsApp Business’ Shared Inbox. Some of them are

Monitor conversations and resolve issues faster

Since all message inboxes appear in a single screen, supervisors and business owners can monitor critical conversations and intervene to resolve issues faster. Moreover, the tool allows owners to assign issues that are critical to the best customer support agent.

Reduced risk of data misuse

With a shared inbox, owners need not share their WhatsApp numbers and OTPs with customer support agents. This reduces chances of data misuse. Since each agent has their own WhatsApp number, owners can easily identify the source of a security issue.

Respond to customers instantly

Since all chats are available in a single screen, all agents will be able to understand a customer issue at hand. Agents can respond to chats faster and handle issues efficiently with minimal effort. This increases both employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

Easiest way to set up automated replies

A shared inbox offers more room for chat automation. WhatsApp’s shared inbox allows owners to set quick replies, greetings messages and other automated messages that can be used by the whole customer service agent-base.

Add internal notes to customer chats

Agents and owners can add notes (that cannot be seen by customers) to customer chats to enrich a conversation and help the next agent know more about the customer and the issue-at-hand. This ensures seamless chat transitions and enhance customer experiences.

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Qualify leads with tags

Filter chats and prioritize them via tags. This will help businesses know who their potential customers are, and help nurture them better. This, in turn, increases conversions. When integrated with a CRM, these tags can also be used as a filter for report generation.

With the above-mentioned benefits, it is clear that the shared inbox is a tool that renders immense benefits for WhatsApp Business owners across the globe. This is especially true in the case of SMEs, who generally operate on a shoestring budget. In addition to its inherent benefits, business owners will be able to extract even more benefits when they integrate the shared inbox with their CRM. However, emerging business owners with little to no digital knowledge might find it hard to extract the complete benefits of WhatsApp Business API. If they feel overwhelmed, they can seek help from an experienced digital service partner.

Gallabox is one of the many digital partners who can help small and medium business owners create a shared inbox and integrate the same with their CRM. With Gallabox’s clean and customizable shared interface, SME owners can easily manage their WhatsApp conversations and respond instantly to chats. Gallabox also provides a budget-friendly interface that can combine customer conversations across multiple channels including WhatsApp, mail and live chat into a single screen. For more details, SME owners can contact Gallabox.

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