Why should Real Estate firms choose Live Chat?
Why should Real Estate firms choose Live Chat?

Why should Real Estate firms choose Live Chat?

Shyam Krishnan S

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No other sector has been hit as hard as the Real Estate sector during last year. We can clearly see that COVID has had a superior impact on the real estate industry, which is highly dependent on its customers. Therefore, real estate firms need to adapt to the current times and focus on growing their digital presence to capture the attention of customers. This sudden digital transformation might pose a significant challenge to both emerging and traditional real estate firms. To help those firms, this article will focus on how real estate firms can take advantage of one of the digital tools, Live Chat.

Live Chat has grown in popularity in the past year because of the numerous advantages it provides. Many companies in various industries have started using Live Chat to improve its digital customer support. In addition to being a superior customer support tool, Live Chat is fast becoming an important digital tool for lead generation. It is estimated that companies can instantly turn at least one third of your site visitors into quality leads using Live Chat. In the following section, we will look at six key points that show how real estate firms can gain huge benefit from using a good Live Chat tool.

Increased Conversions

Lead generation has become a challenge for real estate firms during this pandemic period. While real estate firms can market their firm to attract customers to their site, converting them to paying customers might be a hassle. With the help of a Live Chat tool, real estate firms can start building customer relations right from the first interaction. By instantly supporting potential customers, real estate firms can increase customer’s trust. Live Chat can also help the firms understand the needs of potential customers and help serve them better.

Superior Customer Service

Since real estate firms generally bank on face-to-face customer interactions, the digital shift adds additional challenges in terms of customer service. A Live Chat tool can help firms overcome the challenges by giving firms the option to offer instant customer service. With the help of a superior Live Chat tool, real estate firms can engage in meaningful customer conversations and win their loyalty.

Automation Support

To gain a competitive edge in the digital world, real estate firms need to provide chat support throughout the day. Since a potential customer can visit at any given time, real estate firms need to be prepared to give instant support 24/7. To ensure 24/7 chat support, most Live Chat tools provides automation support. This will be a great help for small and medium-level firms who might have significantly low manpower. With the help of Live Chat, real estate firms can easily support customers all through the day.


One of the biggest positives of using a Live Chat tool is that it is easy to integrate and operate. Real estate firms do not need to dedicate a huge amount of time, effort or money to set-up their live chat team. Moreover, it is also very easy to manage as most Live Chat tools have options to generate reports and manage customer conversations. This is one of the main reasons that companies have come to love the tool.


As mentioned earlier, Live Chat will immensely help with both lead generation and customer support. In addition, real estate firms can conduct surveys via Live Chat to gauge customer satisfaction. Furthermore, adding name and other criteria in surveys can help real estate firms add more leads. Using Live Chat support in tandem with marketing activities will help real estate firms gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Enhanced Customer Experience

For a domain like real estate where word-of-mouth plays an important role, customer experience becomes a critical component. With the help of a Live Chat tool, firms can provide personalized support for customer queries instantly. The fact that customers need not call or mail to get their queries answered is in itself a superior benefit. In addition, it is also estimated that nearly 40% of customers prefer having their queries instantly answered by a live person. So, we can clearly see that Live Chat greatly improves customer experience.

The above-mentioned facts clearly showcase the benefits of Live Chat. We can see that real estate firms can boost their sales and customer support with the help of a good Live Chat tool. Therefore, it is important for real estate firms to invest in a good Live Chat tool and reap the benefits. We sincerely hope that your real estate business can use Live Chat to find great success.