Gallabox Bags the G2 Best Software Awards for 2024 Trophy Thrice
Gallabox Bags the G2 Best Software Awards for 2024 Trophy Thrice

Gallabox Bags the G2 Best Software Awards for 2024 Trophy Thrice

Shivasankari Bhuvaneswaran

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Every year, G2 makes a significant impact with its heralded Best Software Awards. These accolades, which recognise exemplary software companies and their products, are furnished on the strength of verified user reviews. 

Potential software buyers, in their millions, turn to G2 annually for accurate assessments of different products. G2's esteemed awards and rankings offer valuable insight into the general market perception and reception of various software solutions. 

Gallabox Scores Big

It is indeed a matter of distinct pleasure to share that Gallabox, for the year 2024, has earned the distinguished rank of #21 in the top 50 AI products. 

Gallabox's winning spree did not end there. 

It has also secured the #27th spot in the top 50 customer service products for 2024 and found its place in the illustrious list of the top 100 fastest-growing products in 2024. 

Seizing the moment to announce a threefold growth in the region, Gallabox tenaciously claimed superior ranks over other WhatsApp automation software contenders. By doing so, it further stamps its ever-growing presence across the Indian and GCC regions. 

Our inclusion in the G2 Best Software Awards for 2024 is a testament to the strong relationships and bonds we've forged with our customers. This noteworthy achievement wouldn't have seen daylight without the unwavering support of our team, our investors, and most importantly, our customers. 

We wish to seize this moment to extend a heartfelt thank you and appreciation to each and every customer who expressed their feedback on the G2 platform.

You can see what our trusted customers, such as Pick Your Trail, Juttichoo, Propleaf, and more, have to share about us by visiting this link:

You can also visit our customer success stories to read how businesses of various types have tapped into the power of Gallabox for meeting their unique conversational selling goals.

Customer Spotlight

In the bustling, ever-evolving world of shopping and retail, JuttiChoo, an e-commerce operator spearheaded by Rupesh Sule with a Shopify site, continuously seeks innovative ways to outperform the competition.

Striving to remain at the front of customer engagement strategies, they have recognised the power of not just email and SMS but also harnessing the ubiquity of WhatsApp for transmitting order confirmation messages.

Let’s look closely at JuttiChoo's journey and understand how integrating WhatsApp as an additional channel amplified their customer experience.

How Gallabox Helped JuttiChoo Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Communication
Learn how JuttiChoo, an e-commerce business, accelerated its sales cycle and improved their customer communication using Gallabox WhatsApp Business API

Review Spotlight

Interested in discovering how Gallabox aids fast-growing businesses in optimising their WhatsApp business operations? Want to learn how we improve customer experience, boost sales, and deliver personalised customer journeys? 

You can ensure your questions are answered by signing up for our interactive, self-guided demo walkthroughs here: 

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