5 Tips On How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages
5 Tips On How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

5 Tips On How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

Shyam Krishnan S

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In today’s competitive digital world, communication plays a major role in growing your business. No matter which domain your business is in, informing customers about your products and services is a major part of your customer engagement strategy. So, why not use WhatsApp to do that? Using the bulk broadcasting feature of WhatsApp, you can send instant notifications to your targeted audience about the latest updates and happenings in your business. In this article, we will look at how to bulk broadcast WhatsApp notifications to customers, the limitations, guidelines and also provide you with some tips/tricks that can help you create bulk broadcast WhatsApp messages.

What is WhatsApp Broadcast?

As the name suggests, broadcasting is the action of sending one message to many users. No more copy and pasting of messages, this feature of WhatsApp is extremely useful for your business if you wish to educate, update or notify your customers about orders,  payments, and other customer queries. The broadcast feature is available in WhatsApp Business, primarily used by small-scale businesses, and WhatsApp Business API, majorly used by medium-to-large scale businesses. The difference between the two is that you can broadcast only up to 256 contacts at a time with WhatsApp Business, while with a WhatsApp Business API broadcasting to 1000 contacts with an added extension of up to 10,000 contacts can be achieved. This increase in broadcast limit can be appealed to with Facebook.  At Gallabox we guide our customers with this appeal process and simplify your WhatsApp bulk broadcast methods while providing the performance-based analytics you require to oversee your customer engagement.

How to create Bulk Broadcast on WhatsApp?

• Create your WhatsApp Business API profile by registering your business contact number and verifying your Facebook manager ID.  

• Import your customer contacts and create a targeted broadcast list/segment to send messages.

• Select and review your approved WhatsApp template message to broadcast.

• Schedule your broadcast and oversee the performance through dashboard analytics.

This easy and efficient method of broadcasting can be done within a few clicks with Gallabox. We help you create customisable targeted customer segments to reach the right audience at the right time.

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Bulk broadcasting on WhatsApp with Gallabox:

Bulk broadcasting on WhatsApp with Gallabox

Broadcasting on WhatsApp Business: Limitations & Guidelines

Unlike personal broadcast messages, business broadcasting has some regulations. The most important being messages should not be promotional or offensive in nature. To ensure that, WhatsApp checks and approves all broadcast messages you plan to send. The creation and approval of these messages a.k.a template messages is a critical process with several guidelines to abide by. To know more about template messages and WhatsApp's template guidelines.

In addition, broadcast lists/segments can only be created with a database of customer contact information. To collect data, encourage users to provide the necessary details by enabling WhatsApp Chatbots across various digital channels Alternatively, you can collect customer details via response forms on websites and e-mails.

Finally, make certain of seeking permission from customers to send broadcast messages. Unless customers have opt-in for notifications, you cannot send broadcast messages to them. Since this authentication prevents spammers, it should be strictly followed. To know more about WhatsApp Opt-in methods.

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Five tips to send bulk WhatsApp messages

After setting up your WhatsApp broadcast lists, you can send messages to several customers at the same time. Let's look at some tips & tricks that will help your broadcasting experience better.

Create a Broadcast List

Broadcast messages can be sent by manually selecting the contacts, but creating a broadcast list will make your job easier. The list can be easily expanded when your business grows.  

Name your List according to your Target Audience

Naming the list will help you differentiate your audience. You can send separate notifications/updates to different customer segments by adding them to different broadcast lists.

Check Levels of Audience Engagement

Broadcast lists show message delivery information like that of read, replied, and failed. This information allows you to see the number of customers constantly engaging with your content and also access failed customer contacts.

Search/Filter with Name of the List

Another easy way to make the list easily accessible is by using a search or filter feature like that on Gallabox which will showcase your required broadcast list.

Review Messages Before you Start Broadcasting

Check and review the messages before you start broadcasting an update or notification. Canceling of only a scheduled broadcast can be allowed as immediate broadcasts cannot be unsent.

Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp Business with Gallabox

When sent for the right purpose, bulk messaging on WhatsApp can be helpful for both your business and your customers. It will save individual time and effort spent on providing valuable information like updates, reminders, alerts, and resources to your customers. We hope this article proved valuable to you and helped you learn more about the WhatsApp's broadcasting service. Engage your customers more efficiently through WhatsApp template notifications, book a demo with Gallabox, and bulk broadcast your messages today!

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