Mistakes to avoid while using WhatsApp Business
Mistakes to avoid while using WhatsApp Business

Mistakes to avoid while using WhatsApp Business

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Ever since its launch, WhatsApp Business has become an essential tool for small and medium businesses across the globe. As the fastest platform to reach over 1 billion users, it is embraced by businesses and marketers all over the world. One of the main reasons that businesses love WhatsApp Business is the fact that it allows owners to build a strong business and communication platform without any registration or paywalls. With WhatsApp Business, businesses can showcase their products through catalogs, track customer experiences, automate their customer support and expand their customer base. However, most businesses do not fully utilize the platform as they tend to make some mistakes. So, we created this article to help new WhatsApp for Business users increase their efficiency by highlighting these mistakes.

Profile Creation Mistakes

One of the most basic mistakes that small and medium businesses do is that they are not creating a relevant business profile. Profile creation & maintenance is an important factor in WhatsApp Business because it acts as the face of the business. It should be noted that customers will not trust an incomplete or incorrect business profile. Having information like address, email, site address, etc., will help increase customer loyalty. Another important thing is to ensure that the business profile is in line with the business’ vision.

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Posting & Content Mistakes

In addition to being a great communication platform, WhatsApp Business is also a superior marketing platform. The platform helps businesses target existing customers through remarketing initiatives. Businesses can use either broadcast messages, status or personalized chats to inform existing customers of new product promotions, latest services, change in address/site/mail, etc. Businesses need to post consistently to stay relevant in the customer minds. Due to this demand, businesses make the mistake of posting about content that has no real purpose. If the status updates or broadcast messages that do not have any real purpose, businesses will not be able to attract customers. Business owners must understand that the primary purpose of the WhatsApp content must be to attract customer attention.

Contact List Mistakes

Since WhatsApp Business allows businesses to learn customer contacts, businesses will invariably build a superior contact network with the help of the platform. However, some businesses fail to understand that this is not the final step. Contact grouping is an important task that will greatly increase your sales and marketing efficiency. Contacts must be grouped based on their levels of interest to ensure that you are sharing relevant content at the relevant time to the relevant group. For example, contacts with low interest will not appreciate frequent content posts. While contacts with higher interest might not be bothered with the same. Therefore, it is important to group contacts that follow your posts closely to get the best results.

Not Using Automation

There are two main reasons why businesses do not use WhatsApp Automation features. One, they might be ignorant of the same and hence might have to learn the same. Two, they have more employees and hence feel automation is overrated and unnecessary. We urge businesses in the former section to learn about the feature as it is a complete game-changer. We also would like to inform businesses in the latter section to realize that their approach might not work well. It is important to understand that we are all human, therefore customer service professionals might not be able to efficiently engage with customers all the time. Efficiency is bound to drop when there is an increase in engagement rate, and this is one of the main reasons for automation. With automation, businesses can do away with simple queries and ask their team to focus on critical queries instead. Granted, WhatsApp automation might need some human element. However, it is much better than complete engagement which is bound to drain your executive’s spirit. Read more on how to automate your customer support here.

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Voice/Video Call Mistakes

While WhatsApp Business has both voice and video calls (and both of them are now integrated into their web platforms – https://gallabox.com/blog/whatsapp-rolls-out-desktop-calling-feature), most businesses fail to use them properly. There are businesses who feel that conversations should be strictly completed on chat and seldom use voice/video calls. While this approach is not wrong, it is not the most optimal one. Since customers have a chance to have a human interaction, businesses have the opportunity to increase trust and credibility with calls. Therefore, businesses should not hesitate to take advantage of the calls and increase their customer loyalty. Businesses should always ask for permission before initiating a voice/video call and not overdo it as some customers might not like taking calls.

These are five of the mistakes that businesses in various sectors make while using WhatsApp Business. We sincerely hope that businesses can take note of the same and make the necessary changes to increase their efficiency. If businesses feel that there are too many steps involved, they could just partner with an experienced digital partner like Gallabox. A digital partner can help guide the businesses about WhatsApp Business profile and add immense value for them.

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