Benefits of WhatsApp Business: A deep dive
Benefits of WhatsApp Business: A deep dive

Benefits of WhatsApp Business: A deep dive

Shyam Krishnan S

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No matter where you are from, you would have definitely heard about WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging app. With nearly 1.7 billion users worldwide, it has become the preferred messaging platform for a broad demographic. But we are not here for WhatsApp, rather we are here for WhatsApp Business.

Launched in 2017, WhatsApp Business had taken the business world by a storm. Built exclusively for businesses across the globe, the app was designed to act as a digital concierge for customers. Since its launch, WhatsApp Business has helped numerous businesses connect effectively with their customers. With the app, businesses can share updates, provide support and resolve issues swiftly and conveniently. In fact, WhatsApp Business even provides tools that could help businesses automate their customer support. The fact that brick & mortar businesses can run their digital business with WhatsApp Business stands as a testament to its success.

Providing an interface for businesses is not a new concept as there are numerous apps that provide the support. However, none of them provide the benefits that WhatsApp Business does. For starters, let’s look at the scale. Since WhatsApp is present in over 109 countries across the globe, WhatsApp Business enables businesses to connect with customers where they are. This, in itself, is a huge benefit for small and medium businesses struggling to gain exposure. Now, let’s look at the other benefits of using WhatsApp Business.

Build Trust by Verifying your WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp Business is more than just a business chatbot. Just like your personal WhatsApp profile, you can set a detailed business profile that can help your customers. Moreover, the business can build customer trust by adding information like address, store timing, description, website and email. This is all the more true when you verify your business with WhatsApp, making it a verified business. New customers will feel more secure while conversing with a verified business page.

Talk where Customers are already present

Businesses need to constantly communicate with the customers throughout their journey. For example, they need to send promotions to attract customers; personalized quotes to make them buy; receipts after purchase; and shipping details while shipping. When customers are asked to switch to a different platform for one or more communications, the businesses risk losing the customer. Hence, it is important to use a single versatile tool that can be used throughout the customer journey. Since WhatsApp Business supports documents, images and videos, it becomes the perfect app for all types of uses.

Quick Replies, Away Messages and a Host of Features

In addition to features in the normal WhatsApp like broadcast messages and personalized status, WhatsApp Business also offers other business-friendly tools like quick replies, away messages and greeting messages. * By setting up quick replies for frequently asked questions, the business can reply customer queries almost instantly. * Businesses can set a greeting message that will show up when customers establish contact. Another cool feature is that it goes out to your existing customers if they are inactive for 14 days. * Finally, you can provide a personalized ‘Away Message’ that can be activated at either the end of your working hours or at a chosen time of the day.

Seamless Financial Transactions with WhatsApp Payments

Imagine this, you’ve laid all your groundwork and the customer is primed to buy, but their payment app is having issues which results in lost sales. With the introduction of WhatsApp Payments, businesses can now close sales without even leaving the chat window. With WhatsApp Payments, both customers and businesses can securely transact through credit or debit card. Moreover businesses need not spend more time and effort as it is very easy to set-up and manage.

It’s Absolutely Free!

You heard it right, it is free! The versatile WhatsApp Business tool loaded with all these benefits and features is completely free to use. For small businesses that generally use SMS messages for communication and marketing purposes, WhatsApp Business will be an absolute boon. WhatsApp basically allows them to set-up a digital profile and gives them access to a large user base at absolutely no cost. This makes WhatsApp Business a superior addition for any small business.

With these benefits, small businesses will find it hard to ignore WhatsApp Business. If you are a small business looking to expand, we are sure that WhatsApp Business will provide you the perfect digital marketing and communication platform.

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