WhatsApp Cloud API now available in Turkey
WhatsApp Cloud API now available in Turkey

WhatsApp Cloud API now available in Turkey

Yogesh Narayanan

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Great news for businesses in Turkey: the WhatsApp Cloud API is now fully operational for Turkish phone numbers. Now businesses can seamlessly exchange messages with local customers, revitalizing business communications.

What does this mean for businesses in Turkey

One of the crucial factors in building a connection and engaging with customers in invaluable ways is reaching out to them through their preferred communication channels, and for most of the world today, that channel is WhatsApp.

With the new Cloud API update, businesses in Turkey can tap into all the locked potential for customer engagement that they had missed out on for a while.

Imagine this: In bustling Istanbul, Aylin, a business owner, runs a boutique specializing in handmade ceramics. She recognizes the need to differentiate herself in a competitive market, so she turns to WhatsApp for Business as her secret weapon.

Using WhatsApp, Aylin can not only sell ceramics but can also build relationships. She can share glimpses of her studio, where each piece took shape, and send personalized messages to loyal customers, keeping them updated on new arrivals and special promotions.

This personal touch will pay off. Customers will feel valued and connected, inevitably returning frequently and recommending Aylin's boutique to friends and family.

Through WhatsApp, Aylin can now transform transactions into meaningful interactions because, in today's digital age, genuine customer engagement isn't just another strategy—it's the heart of successful business.

Before we discuss the benefits of this update in detail, let’s quickly look at the limitations of the on-premise API against the cloud API.

WhatsApp On-premise API vs Cloud API

Despite WhatsApp's global reach and effectiveness, businesses in Turkey were previously unable to fully utilize WhatsApp's Cloud API due to restrictions on sending and receiving messages with Turkish phone numbers. This limitation forced many to rely on on-premise solutions, hindering local customer engagement and creating a significant gap in business communication strategies.

As a result, businesses faced specific challenges that needed to be addressed the hard way––heavy IT investment, engineering involvement, or discontinuing the use of WhatsApp as an engagement channel altogether.


On-Premises API

Cloud API

Reach and Responsiveness

Delays in campaign rollout due to setup and maintenance; optimized performance for high responsiveness

Rapid deployment for quick campaign initiation; enhances time-sensitive promotions

Personalization and Segmentation

Needed deeper integration with existing CRM systems for more personalized marketing; requires additional development resources

Seamless integration with modern CRM tools for advanced segmentation and personalization at scale

Analytics and Insights

Requires significant IT investment to establish direct access to data for customized analytics

Built-in analytics tools for insights into campaign performance and customer engagement metrics

Cost Efficiency

Higher initial and ongoing costs; may limit budgets for campaigns and other initiatives

Lower upfront costs with predictable subscription fees; frees up budget for diverse marketing initiatives

Scalability and Flexibility

Limited by physical infrastructure; challenging to handle sudden increases in marketing outreach or seasonal campaign demands

Easily scalable to accommodate growing needs; allows quick adjustments to match customer demand and market conditions

Innovation and Agility

Slower innovation due to longer hardware and software update cycles; potential delays in implementing new features or strategies

Access to latest features and updates automatically; supports rapid iteration and testing of new marketing ideas

Customer Engagement

Robust control, but potential complexity in integration and maintenance may slow down customer engagement

Facilitates instant and seamless customer interactions; enhances engagement rates with AI and automation capabilities

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The business benefits of the WhatsApp Cloud API

This update brings forth a range of opportunities:

  • Enhanced customer engagement: Leveraging WhatsApp's Cloud API fosters stronger relationships and brand loyalty by allowing businesses to connect with customers on their preferred messaging app. Seamless communication experiences encourage customer interactions, gather valuable feedback, and personalize interactions to meet customer needs effectively.
  • Streamlined communication: Transitioning to cloud-based messaging solutions enhances efficiency and reliability. Cloud-based systems offer faster message delivery, reduced downtime, and enhanced security measures, ensuring businesses can maintain uninterrupted communication channels and build credibility with customers.
  • Scalable solutions: Cloud-based messaging solutions provide scalability, empowering businesses to adapt and grow without limitations. With scalable infrastructure, businesses can easily adjust messaging operations to accommodate increasing customer demands, seasonal fluctuations, or market expansions, driving long-term success and competitiveness.
  • Real-time support: The cloud-based WhatsApp API enables businesses to offer instant, personalized support to customers. By leveraging real-time communication capabilities, businesses can address customer inquiries, resolve issues promptly, and provide valuable assistance when needed, fostering positive customer experiences and driving business growth.

    By leveraging the updated WhatsApp Cloud API, businesses in Turkey can now meet the high expectations of modern consumers, driving better customer experiences and achieving new heights in their communication strategies.

Driving Your Business Growth on WhatsApp with Gallabox

WhatsApp automation has emerged as a pivotal tool for businesses seeking efficiency and enhanced customer engagement. By automating routine tasks, companies can streamline communication, personalize interactions, and nurture relationships at scale. This automation not only saves time but also elevates the overall customer experience, driving growth and success.

Effortless customer data collection and analysis

Create interactive WhatsApp forms easily with WhatsApp Flows. Share them effortlessly, and let WhatsApp Forms handle data collection. Seamlessly connect Flows to chatbots and templates. Collect and analyze data efficiently to derive actionable insights from new or existing contacts.

Leverage AI for better customer engagement

Harness the power of AI-assisted conversations to elevate your customer engagement strategy. AI seamlessly assists in crafting personalized interactions, breaking language barriers, and simplifying complex information. With AI, enhance trust and increase revenue by delivering tailored experiences that resonate with your audience on WhatsApp.

Additionally, you can also create a sequence of WhatsApp messages to be sent to customers. This can be for numerous everyday scenarios, such as customer onboarding, payment dunning, event reminders, and product launches.

Seamless team collaboration

Streamline team collaboration with a shared team inbox on WhatsApp. Gain real-time insights and a comprehensive view of all customer conversations. Agents can effortlessly share updates, collaborate efficiently with mentions and notes, and provide exceptional customer service. Simplify communication and enhance productivity with WhatsApp's shared team inbox feature.

Personalized sales outreach

Craft personalized broadcast campaigns to fortify your sales pipeline on WhatsApp. Segment your audience based on their preferences and behaviors, delivering tailored messages that resonate with each recipient. Enhance engagement with rich media and track campaign performance with actionable analytics. Elevate your sales strategy and drive conversions with personalized broadcast campaigns on WhatsApp.

Ready to transform your WhatsApp communication strategy? Sign up for a Gallabox free trial today and experience the power of seamless automation, personalized engagement, and enhanced collaboration for your business growth.

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