7 Ways To Use WhatsApp Conversational Commerce
7 Ways To Use WhatsApp Conversational Commerce

7 Ways To Use WhatsApp Conversational Commerce


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Digital communications have become the norm of the current business landscape. This has made today’s customers shift towards online conversations. In such an era, businesses have started to rely on conversational marketing & commerce to grow & flourish. This article will take a look at how WhatsApp can aid conversational commerce.

What is WhatsApp Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce is the practice of using online voice/chat support & digital communication technology such as AI assistants, speech recognition tools & natural language processors to conduct conversations with customers during their e-commerce journey. In the same vein, WhatsApp conversational commerce is the process of conducting commercial conversations through WhatsApp. Businesses can use WhatsApp’s Ads, catalogs, broadcasts, automated chats, & no-code chatbots to help customers discover, shop & get excellent support. In short, businesses can engage with customers, convert them into paying leads & support them throughout their entire journey through WhatsApp. This whole ability can be defined as WhatsApp conversational commerce.

Benefits of WhatsApp Conversational Commerce

In today’s crowded digital market, WhatsApp conversational commerce is quickly gaining popularity because it offers excellent benefits. We are outlining some of the major advantages below:

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction - Since conversational commerce is dependent on engaging with customers, it can increase customer satisfaction & also help in improving the customer experience.
  • Reduces Churn Rate - WhatsApp conversational commerce can help to reduce churn rate by providing relevant customer support during the whole customer journey.
  • Enhances Customer Retention - Automated chats that offer instant support help you retain customers efficiently.
  • Convenient Transactions - WhatsApp Pay allows customers to conduct in-chat transactions, which in turn, can result in higher conversion rates.
  • Increase Your Brand Awareness - Conducting conversational commerce with WhatsApp’s links & QR codes can bring more exposure to your business.
  • Easy Post-Sales Support - With WhatsApp, your brand can instantly support customers after completing the same. You can also collect feedbacks & conduct surveys to improve customer experience.
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7 Ways To Use WhatsApp API for Conversational Commerce

As highlighted above, using WhatsApp API for conversational commerce provides several benefits. However, it’s important to know how to use the various features of WhatsApp API for well-directed & targeted commercial conversations. Let’s look at 7 ways that can help you do so.

Provide quick and precise responses

Customer engagement stands at the forefront of conversational commerce. Therefore, it is critical that your business’s conversational commerce solutions help customers have quick & precise conversations at all steps of the customer journey. This allows your business to provide precise & timely responses to customer questions. You can do so by using WhatsApp’s voice & video calls, and chatbots, or by using customer-friendly automated chats.

Automate chatbot

Automating your WhatsApp chatbot can not only help improve customer satisfaction but also help you save on operational costs. Using your brand's FAQs to create automated chatbot responses, you can help customers solve their queries instantly without human intervention. This enables your customer support team to be more productive in helping other customers. Automating conversation flows can also help your brand streamline your customer support & sales processes.

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Allow customers to place orders via WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s catalog feature helps your brand showcase different products to customers who are interested. With this feature, customers can simply browse through products, place an order and pay through WhatsApp Payments to complete the entire sale in the app. This can help you greatly reduce churn rates as it speeds up the customer journey & limits unnecessary distractions.

Focus on personalizing customer interactions

Using personalized messages in conversational commerce can help your brand create memorable interactions. Therefore, look for opportunities to identify customer information and use them to tailor conversations. You can also create remarketing campaigns with personalized deals to help convert customers who have abandoned their carts. In a conversational commerce environment, personalized offers & discounts can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Use click-to-WhatsApp Ads & QR codes

To use WhatsApp conversational commerce, you need to attract customers to interact with WhatsApp. A click-to-WhatsApp Ad can reroute traffic from your social media pages directly to your WhatsApp chat screen. This helps your business gain direct access to customers who are interested in your brand/product.

Similarly, WhatsApp allows you to generate links & QR codes that can help you attract both online customers from websites & offline customers from retail stores. Since customers can simply scan WhatsApp QR codes to engage in conversations, they can be a great way to promote your brand.

Broadcast important notifications to keep customers engaged

To ensure long-term success in today’s competitive world, it’s important to stay in your customer’s minds constantly. Sending notifications about brand/product offerings & important events through WhatsApp broadcasts can help achieve this. WhatsApp’s broadcast lists help you instantly send bulk messages to over 900 people. So, it is critical to create engaging WhatsApp template messages & broadcast them regularly.

Create a strong after-sales process with feedback & surveys

A strong after-sales process is an important aspect of a well-oiled conversational commerce machine. Therefore, you should look for opportunities to learn what customers think about your service. With WhatsApp API, you can create automated surveys & feedback forms to collect real-time customer responses through WhatsApp chats. This can help identify & fix product/service-level issues immediately. WhatsApp surveys also improve customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Master WhatsApp Conversational Commerce with Gallabox

We’ve provided a brief overview of WhatsApp conversational commerce through this article. If you are a business that is looking to grow in today’s competitive digital market, you can clearly see the various benefits of using WhatsApp API for conducting commercial conversations. However, implementing WhatsApp API can also be quite complicated for small & medium-level businesses. Therefore, you can partner with a good WhatsApp Business Solution Provider like Gallabox to integrate WhatsApp API into your existing business strategy.
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