Why WhatsApp is one of the best helpdesk channels?
Why WhatsApp is one of the best helpdesk channels?

Why WhatsApp is one of the best helpdesk channels?

Shyam Krishnan S

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In the aftermath of COVID-19, most of the business sectors have started to use omnichannel services that blend offline and online service channels. While this is highly beneficial for sales and marketing, delivering quality customer support becomes a tougher task. In today’s competitive business environment, customers hold all the power. If customers have an issue, businesses must ensure to take all the measures to help them as soon as possible. If businesses fail to resolve issues faster, they will lose their customers to their competitors.

In an omnichannel environment, customer issues and feedbacks would come from different channels, and are hence tough to manage. Therefore, businesses need to streamline their helpdesk process and route customer feedback to a dedicated helpdesk channel. A good helpdesk channel and ticketing procedure is critical for businesses to succeed in their respective markets. In this article, we will look at five reasons why WhatsApp should be your dedicated helpdesk tool.

What is a ticketing system?

In today’s highly connected world, customers are privy to a host of online and offline communication channels. This means that they will be able to raise their concerns/feedbacks swiftly and conveniently. A ticketing system allows businesses to organize all these interactions and resolve them efficiently. A good ticketing system collates all the helpdesk interactions into a single screen and helps the business segregate them based on priority levels. This helps businesses act on critical issues and resolve them faster, which in turn increases the overall customer satisfaction.

On the whole, a good helpdesk ticketing system will

• Have a simple yet efficient User Interface (UI)

• Be easy-to-use and require less training

• Have customized criteria for issue categorization

• Enable quick report generation

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Why use WhatsApp for helpdesk & ticketing?

WhatsApp, the popular communication tool, is fast-becoming an important part of business operations. With the aid of WhatsApp Business and the Business API tools, businesses have rapidly improved their sales, marketing and communication departments. In addition, the versatile tool has also been providing significant benefits in the helpdesk and ticketing departments. WhatsApp Business makes an excellent helpdesk because of its convenience. Customers are accustomed to the tool and do not have reservations against using it. As opposed to other channels like email, call or live chat, customers are more than inclined to use it for immediately raising queries.

Some of the main reasons that WhatsApp makes a superior helpdesk and ticketing tool is as follows

Quick & Responsive

One of the major requirements of a helpdesk tool is responsiveness. Customers need their queries addressed immediately, and WhatsApp’s instant communication support makes that happen.  

Customer & Issue Background

If an agent knows the customer and issue background, they will be able to resolve issues much faster. Therefore, it is important to use tools that can provide more details about an issue. Since WhatsApp chat history is stored, agents will be privy to customer and purchase information. This helps them understand the issue better and resolve them faster.

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If a ticketing tool is not convenient, customers will not bother to ask queries or raise feedbacks. This creates a service gap where businesses think they are delivering good services while they are not. Therefore, it is important to use a convenient communication tool like WhatsApp for ticketing.

Integration & Features

WhatsApp’s Business API offers features like Shared Inbox, which collates communications from multiple agents into a single screen. With shared inbox, agents can instantly transfer chats without losing context. In addition, can be easily integrated into existing CRMs to ensure added features like chat tagging, contact addition, etc.

24/7 Support Capabilities

A helpdesk tool needs to run 24/7 to ensure excellent customer support. With message automation features like Quick Replies, a WhatsApp helpdesk can be run 24/7 with minimal staffing.  

These five reasons clearly indicate that WhatsApp is one of the best helpdesk channels available in today’s business environment. With WhatsApp, businesses can streamline their helpdesk and ticketing processes, and increase their customer retention/satisfaction. This is especially true for small and medium businesses who are looking to establish their name.

For a much smoother WhatsApp integration, businesses can contact digital service providers like Gallabox. Gallabox is highly adept in WhatsApp business account creation, WhatsApp API assistance and WhatsApp-CRM integration. They can also provide personalized WhatsApp and CRM services at budget-friendly costs. So, contact Gallabox for your WhatsApp helpdesk needs.

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