How multi-agent WhatsApp Workspace benefits Remote-Working Organizations
How multi-agent WhatsApp Workspace benefits Remote-Working Organizations

How multi-agent WhatsApp Workspace benefits Remote-Working Organizations

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Successful organizations understand the importance of having excellent customer engagement and support. While there are different ways that organizations can engage with the customers, WhatsApp Business has become one of the most prominent ones in recent times. One of the main reasons that organizations have started to use WhatsApp as one of their primary modes of customer communication and engagement is because of the platform’s uber-popularity and versatility. While WhatsApp Business is generally not a platform that allows multi-agent interactions, Gallabox’s intuitive WhatsApp shared inbox can help you with the same. In this article, we will explore how it could benefit organizations that primarily use remote workspaces.

Why you need a WhatsApp Multi-Agent Workspace

During customer support, one of the issues that organizations face is the inability to include multiple agents to access the same business account at the same time. If every agent in the organization is able to share the same customer support workspace, the team will be able to resolve issues and answer queries in a more comprehensive and timely manner. Since it is not possible in many customer support tools, organizations had to find workarounds and loopholes to create a multi-agent workspace. Even WhatsApp only allows a single person to sign into a business account, and they will be automatically signed out when someone else signs in. However, Gallabox Team Inbox and Marketing feature that helps multiple agents connect using WhatsApp’s very own Business API platform.

Multi-agent Workspace for Remote-Working Organizations

As an official WhatsApp partner, Gallabox helps remote working organizations immensely. With our multi-agent workspace they can allow multiple agents from all over the world to connect and communicate using the same WhatsApp Business number. After the WhatsApp Business verification, these organization can move its work to the Team Inbox, which acts as a multi-agent workspace where different agents can sign in to the same business account even when they are far away from each other. With our shared multi-agent WhatsApp inbox, agents who are working from remote locations will be able to collaborate with each other better. They will also be able to respond to the customers faster. In the case of managers, they will be able to better manage the remote workers as they can view all the chats and review how issues was resolved.

Five Benefits of Having a Multi-Agent Workspace on WhatsApp

Gallabox’s multi-agent workspace created through WhatsApp’s Team Inbox provides excellent benefits to remote-working organizations. They are listed below

Visibility of Tasks Across all Agents

Since all agents will be sharing the same screen, they will be able to identify new chats and pick them up immediately. This is an important advantage in remote working organizations where agents will have little to no offline contact. Managers in these organizations will also be able to create an auto-assign procedure that assigns new chats for free agents. Moreover, they will also be able to pick the chat themselves if all the agents are busy at a given moment.

Improve Communication and Collaboration with Notes

Since agents are working from remote spaces or from their homes, they will not be able to readily communicate with other agents or managers when facing a critical issue. The multi-agent workspace gives agents the ability to collaborate with each other better. For example, agents will be able to add notes and comments in the case of a chat transfer. This helps the new agent grasp the issue faster and start helping the customer almost immediately.

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Prioritize Urgent Tickets via 'Quick Reply'

If a remote-working organization faces an onslaught of chats, agents might probably miss some of them if they have to manually type each and every communication. With the aid of ‘Quick Replies’, both managers and agents will be able to create a list of common chat replies and add them to the chat immediately with the push of a button. This drastically reduces chat response times and increases customer satisfaction. In the case of remote-working organizations, these also help create ‘standardized chat templates’ that help guide new agents.

Automate Workflows with Custom Parameters

The team inbox not only increases collaboration but also helps the team automatically set custom parameters that can be collected and saved to the CRM. The organization can set anything as the custom parameter. Customer’s information like name, phone number, location, and age can either be collected directly from the WhatsApp profile or through the chat window. Since all agents share the same WhatsApp screen, these stored information will appear the next time the same customer appears, and this helps agents cut down the process of gathering information.

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Search, Filter Customer Conversations to Fix Issues Fast

One of the best abilities in using the multi-agent workspace is ‘Search’ & ‘Filter.’ Remote-working agents can search & filter customer conversations based on the custom parameters that were set. With this feature, managers and agents can filter chats to find out chats from similar age groups, similar areas or even the same type of issue (if it was added in the comment or notes). All of these will be able to give insightful information to remote-working organizations.

Set up a Multi-agent WhatsApp Workspace with Gallabox

We hope that you, a growing remote-working organization, were able to understand the concept of multi-agent workspaces and its benefits. So, why wait now? Contact Gallabox, an experienced WhatsApp Business partner, and start growing with the help of multi-agent workspaces.

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