Five ways you can use WhatsApp QR code for your business
Five ways you can use WhatsApp QR code for your business

Five ways you can use WhatsApp QR code for your business

Yogesh Narayanan

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WhatsApp has been constantly increasing its service offering for businesses since it started WhatsApp Business on 2018. As a platform that offers huge benefits for both small and large businesses, each of these service offerings offer critical help to businesses. The latest of those offerings is the WhatsApp QR Code feature for businesses. In this article, we will look at the benefits of WhatsApp’s new QR Code feature and how it adds value to businesses across various sectors.

What is WhatsApp QR code?

WhatsApp’s QR Code feature is similar to other barcode and QR code systems that allow users to share their data to others. Customers can simply scan the WhatsApp QR code for your business with their app to instantly initiate a chat with them. WhatsApp claims that QR codes will act as ‘digital front doors’ in the physical world for the businesses. WhatsApp’s QR code feature can be used by businesses from all sectors, and they will be especially helpful to retail business and SMEs.

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Five ways you can use WhatsApp QR code for your business

Business owners can view their QR codes by clicking on ‘More Options’ and tapping ‘Short Link’ in the ‘Business Tools’ section. Customers can follow the same steps and swipe left to ‘Scan QR Code’. Businesses can then share the QR code to the customers via WhatsApp or text, or even print the QR code and keep it at their storefronts. This would be a great opportunity to acquire the WhatsApp contacts of storefront visitors. As mentioned earlier, the QR code feature has several benefits. Some of them are as follows

To expand client base

It is no secret that WhatsApp gives a superior boost to a business’ marketing and customer service teams. However, one small drawback is that businesses need to have customers’ numbers in order to initiate conversations through WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s QR code feature gives businesses the opportunity to expand their client base. By printing the QR code and placing it at either their storefronts or prominent locations, businesses can easily increase the number of potential customers.

Highly versatile: Use it everywhere

One of the inherent benefits of the QR code feature is its versatility. Similar to other QR codes, businesses can display their codes at either their retail stores or even their product packages and receipts. The fact that QR codes are easily shareable and highly versatile is a superior benefit to several emerging businesses that are looking to get their name out. By adding QR codes to packaging and receipts, customers can instantly contact businesses for any after-sales queries. Customers can also be added to a group after they scan the WhatsApp business’ QR code. In addition, businesses can also display the QR code even on their website. This would be a great help for e-commerce platforms.

To add pre-populated messages

Businesses can also add an optional pre-populated message along with their QR code. This message will pop-up when customers scan their QR codes and access their WhatsApp Business chat. With the help of pre-populated messages, businesses can add introductory messages that can help ease customer conversations. Businesses should understand that a simple greeting message will go a long way when it comes to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, adding customized messages to QR codes through WhatsApp will enable businesses to answer common FAQ questions.

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To reach a global audience

Since WhatsApp is globally used by around 2 billion people, the potential customer pool for businesses is quite large. With the worldwide launch of the QR code feature, businesses have a much easier way to access the large customer pool. Also, businesses need not fret that it might not be available in certain regions. No matter where your customer is located, they will be able to contact you after you scan the QR code. The fact that most customers know QR codes and the scanning procedure is an added benefit.

To keep a track of data

Much like other stats in the WhatsApp Business app, the stats pertaining to the QR codes can also be easily tracked and measured. Businesses can easily learn the location of a QR code scan and the frequency of scans. This will help them understand how to efficiently use their QR codes. By tracking QR code data, businesses will be able to seamlessly grow their customer base.

Since, the QR code is a new feature that was released, we realized that businesses might not be aware of the same. Hence, we wanted to educate businesses about the new QR code feature in this article and wanted to showcase the benefits of the feature to businesses from all sectors. We hope that this information will help businesses grow in their respective sectors.

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