Lead Generation Tips for Wealth Advisors
Lead Generation Tips for Wealth Advisors

Lead Generation Tips for Wealth Advisors

Shyam Krishnan S

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Trust is paramount in the wealth management sector. This makes lead quality an important factor in the wealth management field. Only by consistently generating quality leads, can a wealth advisor find lasting success in the field. In a field where most competitors are still using traditional lead generation strategies like cold calling, newspaper ads and mail-based marketing strategies, smart advisors need to focus on using smart digital lead generation strategies. This will help them outperform their competitors and rapidly improve their lead quality. We created this article to guide wealth advisors on their quest to improve lead generation.

The following are 10 important lead generation tips that will help you generate quality leads consistently.

Create a Site

 It is needless to say that a site is an important asset to any wealth advisor, and that it acts as your online visiting card. However, creating a simple site with little to no design or functionality will be counterproductive as potential customers will lose trust when they visit such site. It is important to understand that a site is a way to showcase your credibility and improve trust. So, it is important to create a fully-functional site loaded with rich information.

Update your Blogs

 As mentioned earlier, a site needs to have rich content, and blogs are the best way to improve your content quality. While creating blog posts, it is important to focus on what the customers want. If blog posts address customer queries and inform customers about the latest advancements in the field, they will be intrigued and visit the site. This helps you engage with them and convert them.

Always Follow-Up

 Some potential leads require more nurturing and care, and they want businesses to show it by regular interactions. Therefore, businesses need to follow up with their interested leads regularly to increase chances of conversion.

Run Online Ads

 The best way to attract potential customers is showcasing your expertise in the field. With the help of online ads through Google and blog/website advertisements, wealth advisors will be able to enhance their exposure and reach more customers.

Use Social Media

 Depending on its use, Social Media can be a superior marketing partner for wealth advisors. Marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. can help you reach your target markets much more efficiently. Moreover, social media marketing can be run at low budgets.

Create a Community

 This is an extension of Social Media Marketing that will immensely help emerging wealth advisors. Look to create Facebook groups, LinkedIn ads or YouTube videos based on wealth management. By building an online community where your potential customers gather, you will have much more opportunities to convert them into sales.

Encourage Reviews

 In the current times, online reviews act as the social credibility score of a business. So, it is important to encourage your customers to review and showcase positive reviews on your website, app and social media pages. This will increase your online reputation and help attract new customers.

Increase Referrals

 For all the developments in the marketing world, word-of-mouth is still a powerful marketing tool. Therefore, create online and offline referral programs that turn customers into spokesperson for your advisory business. A good referral program has the capacity to double your lead generation rate.

Don’t ignore Traditional Methods

 Some traditional methods like email marketing and newspaper ads can be tweaked to complement your digital lead generation methods. For example, you can identify potential leads via digital tools and use email to nudge them for conversion.


 Marketing and customer service tools need to run 24/7 to ensure maximum exposure. Therefore, it is important to automate tools like Google Ads, WhatsApp, Live Chat, etc. to ensure that you can instantly help potential customers all through the day. In addition to increasing leads, this will also help you improve your customer retention scores.

There we go, these ten tips will help wealth advisors like you to improve your lead generation in the long-run. While it might be enticing to act on all these tips, we advise you to take your time and slowly integrate these changes into your business. This will help you understand each strategy better and customize the same based on your business’ leads. You can also seek the help of experienced digital service experts like Gallabox, who will help you improve your lead generation with custom interfaces and enhanced strategies.