Shopify has become one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. With its global reach and popularity, the platform has been constantly sought out by emerging businesses that are looking to improve their sales. Businesses choose Shopify as their e-commerce partners because they can easily create and manage their online stores. The platform also allows businesses to customize their online stores to render the best experience for the customers. Another major advantage of using the platform is the ability to integrate other tools and apps. Businesses that are looking to thrive in the digital space needs to integrate the best tools to enhance customer experience.

Since Shopify acts as a digital storefront, businesses need a superior chat widget to improve their customer support. So, a chat widget becomes one of the most important tool for businesses. Rather than choosing an unknown live chat widget, businesses can choose to integrate WhatsApp widgets. This can help them boost their online sales through Shopify. Much like Shopify, WhatsApp is also uber-popular among business owners for its efficiency and convenience. By integrating WhatsApp into Shopify, businesses will get double the benefits. In this article, we will look at how to integrate WhatsApp within Shopify and the various benefits provided by the integration.

How to integrate?

i. Chat Widget

One of the easiest ways to integrate WhatsApp into your Shopify storefront is to showcase the WhatsApp chat widget directly on the website. Businesses can get the aid of a reputed digital service provider like Gallabox to create and install a WhatsApp chat widget on their Shopify webpage.

ii. Shopify dashboard

This integration can also be done via the Shopify dashboard. Business owners who have Shopify login credentials can use the Shopify control panel and go to ‘Online Store – Themes’ In the ‘Themes’ dropdown menu, they can access ‘theme.liquid’ code and paste their widget code directly into the <head> tags. We advise business owners to take professional help because the ‘theme.liquid’ code represent the whole template of their Shopify store. Any mistake can compromise the entire store’s appearance and even functionality.

iii. Google Tags

Business owners that have a Google Tag Manager account can install a container in their Shopify store and then add a custom HTML tag. The widget code of the WhatsApp chatbot can then be copied into this tag. With this, WhatsApp chatbot will be directly integrate into the website.


As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp adds immense benefits to a business’ Shopify store. Some of the most important benefits are mentioned below

Lead Generation

Businesses can directing online traffic to their online Shopify stores with WhatsApp. Moreover, they can direct the offline store traffic with the help of WhatsApp QR codes.

Increased Engagement

Businesses can form stronger relationships with their customers as they find WhatsApp a more convenient alternative than other live chat widgets.

Rich Conversation

Since WhatsApp allows businesses to share documents, photos and videos, businesses can have rich conversations through the widget.

Sales Assistance

Customers will invariably have doubts about the products and services. With WhatsApp widget, businesses can assist customers and close the sale with minimal interactions.

Track Interactions

WhatsApp can save chat histories, which allows businesses to track customer conversations easily. Keeping track of customer journeys will enable businesses to understand their customers and close more sales.

Convenient Timing

Businesses can easily set the chat button’s online hours based on the store timings. Customers will be automatically informed if they visit the store after hours.

Automatic Replies

Businesses can set pre-loaded messages and send them as greeting messages and automatic replies to their customers. This reduces reply times and increases customer satisfaction.

The WhatsApp chat widget is used by over 15,000 Shopify stores, which makes it one of the most trusted widgets in Shopify. Businesses need to take advantage of the widget’s benefits and look to improve their customer service. In addition, we have also seen that the WhatsApp widget helps businesses improve their sales figures significantly with features like 24/7 assistance and automatic replies. So, it is not an exaggeration to say that the WhatsApp widget is an excellent companion for a business’ Shopify storefront.

Through this article, we have seen that some of the WhatsApp integration methods are complicated. Therefore, businesses can take the help of Gallabox, an experienced digital service provider, to simplify the process. With Gallabox, businesses can easily integrate and manage WhatsApp widgets to their Shopify stores. They can also get assistance in setting store timings, automatic replies and getting customized reports. Moreover, Gallabox does all this and more at budget-friendly prices.