WhatsApp Business use cases that cannot be missed
WhatsApp Business use cases that cannot be missed

WhatsApp Business use cases that cannot be missed

Yogesh Narayanan

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Today’s e-commerce market is a highly competitive environment where small and large businesses compete for the attention of the consumers. Since time has become an important commodity, most businesses focus on offering instant customer support to its consumers. Instant messaging tools have become a necessity for businesses looking to render real-time support to their customers. Among the numerous instant messaging tools, WhatsApp has proven to be the most effective digital support channel.

As the leader in the digital communication market, WhatsApp offers several mouthwatering benefits for businesses. It is fast, safe and highly convenient, as the instant messaging system boasts over a million monthly users. Since it the most popular app in the world, more and more businesses have started to use WhatsApp to conveniently reach customers across various demographics. However, it is important to understand that instant customer support is just the basic benefit of using WhatsApp. With proper knowledge and application, WhatsApp can become an invaluable tool to your business. Here are five amazing ways that you can use WhatsApp to boost your success.

Customer Acquisition: Easiest on WhatsApp Business

It is no secret that WhatsApp has a huge number of active users, which makes it one of the perfect platforms to capture new customers. By installing a chat bubble, you can invite site visitors to conveniently chat via WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp conversations, you can actively capture potential customer information for future nudges. Compared to other systems that require installation and back-end integration, WhatsApp makes it much easier to capture user information. WhatsApp also allows for great flexibility as it can also be used in combination with product banners and marketing campaigns. When customers are directed to WhatsApp, you can directly engage with them. This instant contact greatly boosts customer acquisition rates.

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Customer Engagement: Familiarity of WhatsApp

In this day and age, conducting surveys or collecting reviews/feedback from customers is no easy task. Most of the times, customers might feel overwhelmed by the amount of effort that is required to add a review or feedback. Through WhatsApp engagement, you can make the process simple and convenient. When you send a survey or review/feedback template, the customer just have to reply. WhatsApp also makes it easier for your team to instantly identify negative feedbacks and resolve them. They need not scroll through product reviews and ratings.

Safe Storage: Save all Customer Documentation in one Place

When customers purchase, they expect to be frequently updated about the status of their order. With WhatsApp, you can instantly send receipts and shipping updates to the customers. Since WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, you can rest assured that the information is safe and secure. Furthermore, WhatsApp also allows you to keep track of transaction invoices easily and efficiently. This is a great benefit when dealing with returning customers who want to repeat orders. WhatsApp’s easy document upload feature makes it the perfect digital platform for small retailers that rely on physical receipts and invoices.

Cart Recovery: Fix E-commerce's Biggest Issue

Cart abandonment is a major issue that is especially rampant in the e-commerce industry. With over 75% customers abandoning their cart, businesses are left with no other option but sending reminders. Since only a miniscule amount of users open their mail, the usual reminder/remarketing emails are not efficient in this day and age. Hence, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp is the best way to encourage customers to return. Since over 90% of users open their text messages, there is a high probability that they will come back and make the purchase. Hence, an app like WhatsApp that marries trust and convenience adds a huge benefit for your business.

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Creative Communication: Nudges, Quizzes & More

One of the greatest asset of WhatsApp is its versatility. Even after a decade of its launch, businesses are finding new ways to use the app to engage with their customers. Some of them include:

Product Nudges

WhatsApp provides the option of adding product photos and videos as recommendations in personal conversations. There is also the option of marketing new products through broadcast messages.


Integrating a chatbot quiz in your WhatsApp chat will let you collect personal data and build a customer profile. With the additional information, you can provide a personalized experience to your customers.

FAQs & Guide

Rather than reactively answering customer queries, you can create a FAQ or product guide that will proactively provide answers to general queries.

Here you go, these are some of the methods that WhatsApp can be used to boost your sales and brand image. As mentioned in the last point, WhatsApp is a versatile tool that can be personalized based on your preference. As usual, we hope that this advice has helped you extract the most out of the popular messaging app.

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