WhatsApp Business: Effective Communication Medium For SMBs
WhatsApp Business: Effective Communication Medium For SMBs

WhatsApp Business: Effective Communication Medium For SMBs

Yogesh Narayanan

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The concept of chatting rose to an extraordinary level with the introduction of WhatsApp. Today, it has gained access to mostly everyone in the world from a teenager to retired parents. After this success, WhatsApp reached next levels of communication through audio and video calls and now, it is shining its way to be the king of the hill in the business communication facet.

While there are different approaches to communicate with the customers, WhatsApp is considered as the most favourite amongst several. Hence, WhatsApp launched a separate app for businesses to aid them in effective communication. With a plethora of attractive features, user-friendly UI, WhatsApp business has emerged to be one of the competent communication platforms for several enterprises especially SMBs.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business

Here are some advantages of WhatsApp Business, which proves that it can become the most preferred business communication app for SMBs:

1) Large User Base

With around 2 billion customers (340 million in India), WhatsApp has already established its place in everyone’s mobile phones. Among this, around 15 million users use WhatsApp business in India. Hence, reaching customers through WhatsApp is the best bet, especially if you have started a new venture and want to expand your business. As most people use WhatsApp around the world, it helps your business for global outreach as well.

2) Personalized Conversations

To attract customers, the most important thing is effective communication. The generic promotional SMS sent to each phone number in your user base is a long lost, outdated marketing strategy. In the current world, it’s all about understanding your customer’s behaviour, interests, etc., and approach accordingly. WhatsApp Business helps you to build a customer relationship on a trusted level as it allows you to communicate directly with your customer.

3) Easy Communication

Communication is a two-way path. While you try to promote your business through personalized communication, customers also must approach your business. WhatsApp’s popularity and UI makes it easy for customers to reach out to you and try your products. Also, you can directly address customer concerns or priorities with no cost instead of complicated and humdrum SMS and email templates.

4) A favorite of Generation Y and Z

The current generation is obsessed with digital life. From online shopping to scrolling posts on Facebook, they like everything to be available in just a few clicks or chats. WhatsApp business has the potential to be such customers’ favourite as it involves hassle-free digital communication. Due to such customers, you can likely create a long term and trustworthy user base for your business.

5) Improved Lead generation

Using proper promotional strategies, you can generate a good amount of leads with WhatsApp business. Let’s take an example: if a customer purchases a product from you, you provide continuous updates of the product delivery. A happy customer will definitely approach you again or recommend you to their friends and families. Having a chatting platform using WhatsApp business makes this process easy paving way for quality lead generation.

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What are the features of WhatsApp Business?

1) Business Profiles and Catalogs

WhatsApp Business allows you to create a profile with all the basic details like address, description of your products, contact details, and website. It also has a Catalog feature where you can list all your products. This helps customers to understand your product offers clearly.

2) Quick Replies

One of the most common mishaps that can happen while dealing with several messages at once is the chances of delayed or incorrect replies that can cost you a customer. To avoid such situations, WhatsApp business has a feature where it suggests quick replies based on your conversations. For example: When the customer replies with a ‘Thank you’, one of your quick reply suggestions can be: “I hope you are happy with our service” or “You’re welcome. Do check out our other options (with CTA)”, etc. All you need to do is type ‘/’ , you will receive a few quick reply options and you can select the appropriate one.

3) Automated Messages

Another feature of WhatsApp Business are the automated messages by intelligent WhatsApp automation. While there are quick replies to assist you in quick and effective responses, there can be a situation of customers approaching you during your unavailability. In such cases, instead of making your customer wait, you can opt for an automated message which helps the customer with a relevant response. The two automated message options are:

  • Automated Greeting message

A greeting message mostly remains the same for every customer. Hence, you can always set an automated greeting and it can always be changed.

  • Automated Away response

There are high chances that customers can reach out to you past your working hours. In such cases, you can set an automated away response which can either say you’ll be back in some time or mention your working hours. This will give clarity to the customers on your best reachable time.

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4) Message Statistics

One of the most helpful features of WhatsApp Business is the statistics of your messages. Based on your chats, these statistics provide useful insights on the number of messages that have been delivered, sent, or replied. You can improve your communication or response based on such insights.

5) Labels

As and when your customers increase, it can become difficult to track all the details of each of your customer. Hence, WhatsApp business has ‘labels’ that help you label each customer based on the status like ‘new customer’, ‘delivery in transit’, ‘pending payment’, etc. Such labels will aid you to keep track and accordingly follow up with your customer further.

How to use WhatsApp Business?

The most appealing aspect of WhatsApp business is the ease of using the app. It only has two steps to follow:

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Business app from Play Store or App Store

Step 2: Sign up using your business phone number and fill in your business profile

And you are good to go.

To Conclude

There is no doubt that WhatsApp will stay in everyone’s lives for the coming years, and its popularity will only increase over time. While WhatsApp always strives to provide you the best app for your business needs, only you can work on expanding your business with effective communication. While a casual business conversation can help you win an already known customer, in order to reach globally, you will need a fool-proof strategy. Get your business ‘WhatsApp business’ ready with gallabox by MangoLeap. From providing different ways of WhatsApp integrations to managing customer conversations, we offer you an all-in-one platform to build and expand your SMB communication platform.

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