26 Must-Have WhatsApp Business Message Templates
26 Must-Have WhatsApp Business Message Templates

26 Must-Have WhatsApp Business Message Templates

Shyam Krishnan S

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WhatsApp Business is a free mobile app that enables businesses to connect with customers through the simple and secure messaging platform. Also, It drives growth, and build online community for your brand. WhatsApp Business provides you with numerous capabilities. One of those capabilities is the WhatsApp Business Message Templates. In this piece, we're going to walk you through the 26 best WhatsApp Business Message Templates. You can copy and paste them for your own purposes.

What is a WhatsApp Business Message Template?

A WhatsApp Business template message is a prewritten notification or customer service message that companies can use to reach their customers. These messages can only be sent to people that have opted in to receive them. Learn in-depth about WhatsApp business opt in for your business.

It serves as a quick and easy way for you to send transaction information, scheduling reminders, and other important information to your customers, without having to write the message each time.

26 Best WhatsApp Business Message Templates

WhatsApp Business is a great way to show your business personality while growing and maintaining your network with prospective clients. We have tailored the best 26 WhatsApp Business Message Templates for your industry. You can use them to communicate with existing clients, develop relationships with new customers or as part of your marketing campaigns.

Order confirmation message

Here is a template you can use to send a confirmation message on your customers' orders.

Header:  Your (company name) order has been received!


Hey {{contact.name}},
Thanks for shopping with us! Our team is getting your order ready and we’ll notify you once it has been dispatched. Here are your order details: Order ID: {{order.number}}, Date: {{date}},  Shipment status: Preparing for Dispatch, Item Ordered: {{order.item}}, Price: {{order.total}}. Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team if you have any  questions—we’re happy to serve you better! can_copy_tExt

Footer: Company website hyperlink/ support email id  
Button: Need Assistance

Order Confirmation Template

Shipping Update‍

You can keep your customers updated on their orders with this template:

Header: Your (company name) order has been shipped!


Hey {{contact.name}}, Your order {{order.number}} has been packed by our executives and shipped from our warehouse! You can track your shipment using this link: {{tracking.link}}. If you'd like to leave special instructions for our delivery executives, please do let us know from the options down below. Thank you! can_copy_tExt

Footer: Company website hyperlink/ support email id

Buttons: Contact us, Reschedule date


Hi <contact name>. We have shipped your order <Item No> on <Date> using courier <Provider>. You can track the order using <Tracking Code>. can_copy_tExt
Shipping Update Template

Payment Issue Message

Payment issues are inevitable with customers who want to use WhatsApp. You can save time by sending them payment notifications like this:

Header: We're sorry, there seems to be an issue with your payment 😟


Hey {{contact.name}}, We’re sorry to inform you that your payment for Order ID {{order.number}} has failed. You can complete your payment by simply clicking the link below to redirect you to the payment page. You can also choose to speak to someone from our team for any queries, we’re more than happy to help! Happy Shopping! 🤗 can_copy_tExt

Footer: Team (company name)

Buttons: Complete Payment, Need Assistance


Dear {{contact_name}}, we would like to inform you that we’ve received the payment of Rs.{Amount} on {Date}. Thank you for your patronage. can_copy_tExt
Payment Related Issue Template

Order Delivered Update

The next message in the ordering journey would be a notification to let your customers know their order has been delivered. Here’s a template you can use:

Header: Your (company name) order has been delivered!


Hey {{contact.name}}, Your order {{order.number}} has been delivered successfully on {{date}}. Thank you for shopping with us!😎 can_copy_tExt

Footer: Team (company name)

Order Delivered Template

Property Enquiry Update

Here are the whatsapp message template you can use for property enquiry updates.

Hi there, we have registered your interest for <Property/Unit Name>. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. can_copy_tExt

Abandoned Cart Message

Customer crop-offs and abandoned carts are very common on e-commerce platforms, so here's a template you can use to recover an abandoned cart:


Hey {{contact.name}}, Thank you for your interest in (company name). We know you love our products and here's one more reason to get it! Use code CART15 to get a FLAT 15% OFF on your order!😊{{cart.link}}. Happy shopping! can_copy_tExt

Footer: Team (company name)

Abandoned Cart Template

Feedback‍ message

Sending a follow-up WhatsApp message after the order has been delivered is a great way to receive feedback. Here’s a template you can use for feedback:

Header: We hope you liked your order! Could you share your feedback?


Hey {{ contact.name}}, We at (company name) are always working to ensure that our range of products meets your needs. Your feedback on your order {{order.number}} will help us improve on our products and customer service 📲✅. To help us make (company name) the best it can be, please take a few minutes to complete the feedback form below. Don’t worry! it won't take up too much of your time 😁. Once again, thank you for shopping with (company name)! can_copy_tExt

Button: Submit Feedback


Hi <contact name>. We would greatly appreciate if you could spend a few minutes to let us know your feedback for <Product/Service Name>. can_copy_tExt
Feedback Template

Account Update

Account updates allow you to inform customers about any changes to their account or on their successful completion of creating an account. Here’s a sample account update for an e-commerce business:

Header: Welcome to your (company name) account!


Hello {{contact.name}}, Welcome to (company name). Thanks for signing up! We'll be sending out exciting offers and sale updates on a monthly basis. To subscribe click the below option 📳. Happy shopping! can_copy_tExt

Footer: Team (company name)

Button: Subscribe to Channel

Header: Welcome to your (company name) account!


Dear customer, we have received your Address update request. We will process the request in 3-5 working days. For any further queries, you can reach out to our helpdesk. can_copy_tExt

Footer: Team (company name)

Button: Subscribe to Channel

Account Update Template

Alert Update

Let customers know about changes to your products and services with alert updates. Here is a festive collection alert template message:

Header: Tis' the season to be jolly!🎄


Hello {{contact.name}}, Christmas is almost here again! Don't forget to spoil all your loved ones with (company name)'s finest Christmas collection. Shop our wide variety of bracelets and necklaces, earrings and rings, and many more🎁. Happy shopping! can_copy_tExt

Footer: Team (company name)

Buttons: View Collection, Visit our Website


Hi, this is to notify you that we are running a system-wide maintenance from <Date & Time> to <Date & Time>. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please do not hesitate to contact <Customer Care Team> with your queries. can_copy_tExt
Alert Update Template

Appointment update

Let customers know their appointment reminders through appointment update messages. Here is an appointment message template:


Hello {{contact name}}, You have an appointment scheduled with us at {{place}} on {{date}}. Please reach 10 minutes before the scheduled time to complete any formalities. We look forward to seeing you there. can_copy_tExt


We would like to confirm your appointment for <Date>. Please do not forget to bring your appointment confirmation message and a valid ID card while you arrive. can_copy_tExt

Issue resolution message

When problems occur with services or the product, customers need quick and clear information. The Issue Resolution WhatsApp templates allow you to give the customer a status message about their problem in just a few clicks.


Hello {{contact name}}, We're currently experiencing a malfunction concerning {{malfunction name}}. We're doing our best to resolve this situation as quickly as possible and will update you here when we know more. can_copy_tExt

Welcome messages

Welcome your new customers with a personalized welcome message. You can use the following template.


Hello {{contact name}}, Thank you for choosing {{company name}} for {{service name}}. I hope you enjoy your experience with us. Let's connect on Instagram for some fun {{Social media ID}}. If you need anything.
Please feel free to write to us as {{company email}}. can_copy_tExt
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Follow-up messages

Follow-up messages are a good way to try to re-engage with clients/customers who do not respond well to the first message. You can use the following template.


Hey {{name}}, Hope you're doing well!  I just wanted to check in and see if you've had a chance to look at the {{product name}}. I sent over a few days ago. If you haven't had a chance, let me know when you would like to chat more about it, and we can get things rolling!
Have a great weekend! can_copy_tExt

Auto-reply messages

Auto-reply templates keep your customers informed about your accessibility during non-working hours or holiday periods. This will help customers understand why they haven't heard from you. Let’s use the below template message.


Hey {{contact name}}, Thanks for your message!  You've reached us outside of our working hours, but we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can check out our FAQs to help resolve your query. can_copy_tExt


Hi there, thanks for contacting us regarding {{product/service name}}>. Our service executive will get in touch with you as soon as possible. can_copy_tExt
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Personal Finance Update

Personal finance updates through WhatsApp message template helps customers to know the bank balance of their own.


Hi {{contact_name}}! The account balance for account ending {{number}} is {{Amount}}. You can click 1 to speak to a customer support executive. can_copy_tExt

Reservation Update

You can use these templates to keep your customers informed about their reservations. You can send them their ticket via WhatsApp, confirm a table, or tell them that their hotel room is ready.


Hi there! Your reservation for <Date> & <Time> is confirmed. Please click here <Link> or open our reservation confirmation mail for more details. can_copy_tExt
Hi <contact_name>, this is to confirm the booking of your tickets for <Movie/Event>. You can inform your Ticket ID <Ticket ID> to the reservation counter or simply show this QR code to enter <QR Code Picture>. can_copy_tExt

Shipping updates

If you own a transportation company, this template can help you share the timetable, inform about pickup locations and where customers can find their luggage.


Hi {{contact name}}, Your upcoming trip to {{Arrival place}} is coming up. Your flight will depart at {{depart place}} from Terminal {{Gate Number}} of airport {{airport name}}. Please reach the airport three hours before departure to avoid any delays. Hope you have a good journey ahead! can_copy_tExt

Button: Visit our website


Hi, we would like to confirm that your bus ticket for your upcoming trip on <Date> has been booked. Your seat number is <Seat Number>. You can view and download your e-ticket by clicking here <Link>. can_copy_tExt

Promotional messages

The following template will help you run a promotion, discount or event announcement.


Hey {{contact name}}, Looking to get beach-ready for summer? We're excited to announce that we're running a special sale on our collection of {{attire name}} & {{attire name}} for the next 24 hours. No strings attached! Use the promo code {{valid code}} to get your hands on the sassiest looking hats for your beach vacation. Head over to the website to order now. can_copy_tExt

Button: Visit our website here

Outside of the 24-hour mark messages

After 24 hours have passed without any communication from the customer, you can only re-engage with them using this template message.


Hey {{contact name}}, We're sorry for the delay in responding to your question. If you still want to hear from us, please respond with a thumbs-up 👍 to this message! Someone from the team will connect back with you within 2 hours. can_copy_tExt

Support Request Update

You can use these templates to support your customers through whatsapp.


Hi <contact_name>, we’ve received your request for assistance at <Date & Time>. Please keep patience while our support team processes your request and contacts you within <Time Frame>. can_copy_tExt

Vehicle Service Delivery Message

The following template will help your customers about their vehicle service delivery.


Hi, this is to notify you that the general maintenance service for your vehicle <Vehicle ID> has been completed. You can pick-up your vehicle at <Date & Time>. You can view the detailed service invoice here <Link>. can_copy_tExt

Coupon Code Alert

The following template will help your customers to know the coupon code winnings through whatsapp message.


Congrats <contact name>! You’ve won an exclusive coupon for your purchase of <Product>. You can redeem your coupon <Coupon Code> during your next purchase. can_copy_tExt

Product Availability message

The following template will help your customers to know availability of product through whatsapp message.


Dear <contact name>, we are sorry to inform that the product <Product Name> that you added to your cart is currently unavailable. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. can_copy_tExt

Subscription Notification

The following template will help your customers about the subscription plan through a WhatsApp message.


Hi <contact name>, we would like to notify that your subscription for <Service> is ending on <Date>. Please pay <Amount> on or before the due date to enjoy uninterrupted services. can_copy_tExt

Service Dispute Message

The following template will help your customers about the service dispute.

Hello <contact name>, we’ve received a dispute for <Service Name>.  We are currently working on resolving the dispute as soon as possible. We will provide an update within 24-48 hours on your registered e-mail address. Please feel free to contact us if you have further queries. can_copy_tExt

Bank Transfer Confirmation Update

The following template will help your customers about the bank transfer confirmation through whatsapp message.

Hi <contact name>, you have successfully transferred <Amount> to <Account Name>. Your confirmation ID is <ID>. For any further queries, please feel free to contact us. can_copy_tExt

How to create great WhatsApp Business Templates

Creating the message template of your business WhatsApp group is not such a simple task if you don't know the perfect ingredients to it. Also, what are the different elements that need to be included in your WhatsApp custom message format? Let's discuss them one by one and create a stunning WhatsApp business group message.

1.Always Keep it short and Simple

2.Create an Emotional Connection

3.Be specific to the product or service you're promoting

You can watch this video for a more detailed walkthrough on creating WhatsApp Business message templates using Gallabox.

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Tips to fix rejected WhatsApp message templates

When you start creating WhatsApp template messages, you might find that it is more of a ‘trial and error’ process unless you have specific guidance on WhatsApp’s various policies and guidelines. If you get rejected by WhatsApp when creating a WhatsApp template, then we'd like to provide some tips that will help you identify the issues and fix them.

  • Be mindful of spelling and grammatical errors as WhatsApp rejects template messages with spelling mistakes.
  • It is important to make sure that the intent of the message is not abusive, derogatory or discriminatory in nature.
  • It's also critical to avoid floating parameters while messaging as they can lead to a message rejection.
  • Make sure that the message is free of any promotional content and links.
  • You should also ensure that the template message doesn’t request sensitive customer information like Address, Card Details, etc.
  • Finally, it’s important to make sure that the template message doesn’t have short URLs as they might confuse the end users.

These tips will help you create excellent template messages that will not be prone to rejection. If you feel that knowing and adhering to the business guidelines might be overwhelming, you can partner with a leading WhatsApp Business Service Provider like Gallabox as they can guide you through the whole process.

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