Real Estate developers -  Take The Digital Leap
Real Estate developers - Take The Digital Leap

Real Estate developers - Take The Digital Leap

Shyam Krishnan S

With offline interactions at an all-time low, digital transformation has become the need of the hour. A growing number of sectors have started moving towards a digital service space, and the Real Estate sector is no exception. We can see that the leaders in the real estate space have started using smart digital tools to improve their sales and customer experience. However, there is still a widespread hesitance in the market as several companies struggle to adopt a digital-first approach. The lack of proper knowledge and roadmap is one of the major factors for this hesitance. Therefore, this article will look to educate real estate companies by squashing some of the digital transformation myths and create a digital roadmap for their transformation.

I don’t need a Site to succeed This might be true in the old times. However, a site becomes an absolute necessity in the current digital age. In the simplest of words, a site will act as the digital storefront of your agency. The fact that the site will act as the online face of the company makes it the most important asset in your digital transformation journey. In fact, an appealing and content-rich site will attract people’s attention and increase customer loyalty.

Even with a site, I might not be able to get new customers When brick & mortar real estate agencies take the digital leap, they will be afraid that they will not be able to get new customers. This fear stems from the fact that they are new to the digital space. We are here to say that this fear is baseless as most of your potential customers are already have a strong online presence. In fact, you have the opportunity to engage with a wider range of audience with the help of social media and WhatsApp. With adequate marketing tools, your website will start to generate more leads than you can imagine.

Live Chat is just a Waste of MoneyWe all know that the relationship between customer and realtor is built on trust. In the digital market filled with virtual communications, new realtors might find it difficult to build trust. When a new customer visits your site, they will have tons of queries about the properties. While few might take the time to mail or call you, most of them would prefer a much more instant and convenient option. This is where Live Chat comes in. If a website is your digital storefront, Live Chat will be the digital helpdesk. With Live Chat, you can immediately address customer queries and build customer trust. In fact, Live Chat is a powerful tool that helps you quickly convert your site visitors to customers. In short, Live Chat is not a waste of money but a way to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital tools cannot drive Customer Support & EngagementRealtors who rely on face-to-face meetings might think that digital tools aren’t fit for offering personalized customer support, and they will be wrong. Real estate agencies should understand that customers predominantly use digital platforms to communicate with their friends and family. Therefore, digital communication platforms like WhatsApp are the fastest and most convenient way for realtors to offer customer support. Since an app like WhatsApp is used by all customers, it is easier for realtors to start conversations with it. This makes the app a surefire way to improve customer engagement. An additional benefit is that you can send attractive listings to customers who have added your business as a contact. This personalized marketing initiative can have a superior impact on your sales.

I will need a big team to manage all the leads Realtors can manage all their leads with a small team if they use a CRM. A good CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) will be the backbone of your digital real estate business. With the help of a CRM, agencies will never lose track of a potential lead. Since it stores all lead and customer data, agencies can easily track the lead/customer journey. Another added benefit is that CRM systems can be integrated with the live chat/WhatsApp chat features to provide a seamless experience for the customers. With the help of this lead management tool, agencies can gain a competitive edge in the market.

It is often estimated that fear and lack of knowledge are the main reasons that some companies feel hesitant to take the digital leap. This is especially true for the real estate sector, which has numerous brick and mortar agencies that are hesitant to change. We created this informative article to squash some of the fears. We sincerely hope that this article will help real estate agencies take the digital leap and grow their businesses to new heights.