Be it answering customer queries, offering 24x7 customer support, updating customers about new products, requesting feedback and reviews WhatsApp is the perfect channel for all communication in today's business environment. This multifaceted messaging platform today, can generate a large number of direct sales for any e-commerce business. It is the channel users wake up to and say goodnight to, it is pivotal to establishing a community of loyal customers and enhancing your brand’s visibility. The offerings of WhatsApp Business APIs are countless and one of the prominent features is that of WhatsApp Business notification templates. In this article, we will provide you with 8 e-commerce WhatsApp templates that can be personalised for your business, so let's get right to it.

WhatsApp Business Template Notifications For E-Commerce :

A WhatsApp Business message template/notification is the most efficient way to communicate with customers via WhatsApp. In our previous blog about WhatsApp Template Messages, we elaborated on what a WhatsApp template message was and how you could make use of it to engage with your customers in 5 simple steps.

Now that we have established the importance of enabling this feature into your business communications, let's take a look at how Gallabox's WhatsApp Business E-Commerce templates can improve your operations two-fold.

1. Order Confirmation:‍

The first notification you would send to your customer ideally would be a confirmation on their order, here is a template you can use:  

Header: We have received your (company name) order!


Hey {{}},  

Thank you for shopping with us! Our team has started preparing your order {{order.number}} and we’ll notify you once it has been dispatched 📦🚚‍

Here are your order details:

Order ID: {{order.number}}

Date: {{date}} Shipment status: Preparing for Dispatch

Item Ordered: {{order.item}}

Price: {{}}

Feel free to reach out to our customer support team if you have any queries - we’re here to help serve you better! 😊

Footer: Company website hyperlink/ support email id  

Button: Need Assistance

Order Confirmation Template

2. Shipping Update‍

From when it’s dispatched, shipped and out for delivery you can keep your customers updated with this template:

Header: We have dispatched your (company name) order!


Hey {{}},

Your order {{order.number}} has been packed by our executives and has been dispatched for shipping from our warehouse! 📦🚚

You can track your shipment using this link: {{}}

If you'd like to leave special instructions for our delivery executives, please do let us know from the options down below. Thank you!

Footer: Company website hyperlink/ support email id

Buttons: Contact us, Reschedule date

Shipping Update Template

Payment issues are inevitable with your customers who are easily accessible on WhatsApp you can send them payment notifications like this template:

Header: We're sorry, there seems to be an issue with your payment 😟


Hey {{}},  

We’re sorry to inform you that your payment for Order ID {{order.number}} has failed. You can complete your payment by simply clicking the link below to redirect you to the payment page.

You can also choose to speak to someone from our team for any queries, we’re more than happy to help!   Happy Shopping! 🤗

Footer: Team (company name)  

Buttons: Complete Payment, Need Assistance

Payment Related Issue Template

4. Order Delivered

The next message in the ordering journey would be sending a message to let your customers know that their order has been delivered. Here’s a template you can use:  

Header: Your (company name) order has been delivered!


Hey {{}},

Your order {{order.number}} has been delivered successfully on {{date}}

Thank you for shopping with us! 😎

Footer: Team (company name)

Order Delivered Template

5. Abandoned Cart

Customer crop-offs and abandoned carts are very common on e-commerce platforms, one way to persuade their sale can be through offering a discount or coupon. Here’s the template you can use to recover an abandoned cart:  


Hey {{}},

Thank you for your interest in (company name). We know you love our products and here's one more reason to get it! Use code CART15 to get a FLAT 15% OFF on your order! 😊  {{}}  Happy shopping!

Footer: Team (company name)

Abandoned Cart Template

6. Feedback‍

Sending a follow-up WhatsApp message after the order has been delivered is a great way to receive feedback. Here’s a template you can use for feedback:

Header: We hope you liked your order! Could you share your feedback?


Hey {{}},

We at (company name) are always working to ensure that our range of products meets your needs. Your feedback on your order {{order.number}} will help us improve on our products and customer service 📲✅

To help us make (company name) the best it can be, please take a few minutes to complete the feedback form below. Don’t worry! it won't take up too much of your time 😁

Once again, thank you for shopping with (company name)!  

Button: Submit Feedback

Feedback Template

7. Account Update

Account updates enable you to inform customers about any changes to their account or on their successful completion of creating an account. Here’s an account update template for an e-commerce business:  

Header: Welcome to your (company name) account!


Hello {{}},

Welcome to (company name). thank you for signing up. Look forward to exciting offers, sale updates and much more with our monthly newsletter.

To subscribe click the below option 📳 Happy shopping!

Footer: Team (company name)

Button: Subscribe to Channel

Account Update Template

8. Alert Update

Use alert updates to notify customers about changes to your products, services and more. Here is a festive collection alert template message:

Header: Tis' the season to be jolly!🎄


Hello {{}},

It's that time of the year again, don't forget to spoil all your loved ones with (company name)'s finest Christmas collection! Shop our wide variety of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and many more🎁 Happy shopping!

Footer: Team (company name)

Buttons: View Collection, Visit our Website

Alert Update Template

Being an E-Commerce business, it is crucial that your business starts monetizing WhatsApp Business API to use WhatsApp Business Notifications like template messages to engage with your customers. We hope these templates will help your business customer support operations grow!

If you’re looking to automate your customer response time, enhance customer experience by using inbuilt WhatsApp notifications, and improve engagement overall - Gallabox is your solution!